How to sign up for a Pademobile account?
- Go to www.pademobile.com. A link to sign-up is found at the top right of the page. Enter your information.
- SMS: Send a text “sign up” to 16508251300
- Exchange: after you complete the App download and your mobile number has been registered, by agreeing to the terms you are automatically signing up to Pademobile.
I have not received an SMS to sign up
If you have not received an SMS when signing up through our Web, please try signing up by SMS
What can I do with my Pademobile account?
Pademobile is a multiservice account. Some of the services we provide are:
- Send money to a mobile phone number.
- Send gift cards.
- Mobile top-up.
- Utilities payment service.
- Shop online or at brick-and-mortar retailers that accept Pademobile.
have a balance in my mobile account but I can not pay.
The balance in your Pademobile account is independent of the airtime available on your mobile phone. In order to be able to use our services, you must reload your account or link it to another wallet.
What type of wallets can I link to my Pademobile account?
Bitcoin wallets: Coinbase or Blockchain
Where do I find my transaction history?
Go to www.pademobile.com. Click My account/Activity
Where do I find my personal profile?
Go to www.pademobile.com. Click My Account Click User Profile
Where do I find my wallets?
Go to www.pademobile.com. Click My Account Click Wallets
How can I change my wallet?
Go to www.pademobile.com. Click Wallets Click on the star located to the right of the wallet you want to select as default.
How many wallets can I have?
As many as you want.
Is there a fee to use Pademobile?
Pademobile does not have any fees for integration or maintenance and there are no mínimum balances. The cost varies depending on the services utilized by the customers.
Is there a fee to use Pademobile’s services?
- Gift cards: no fees to Pademobile user
- Purchase at affiliates: no fees to Pademobile users
- Mobile top up: no fees to Pademobile users
Bills: fees vary depending on the service. The cost will be provided before the transaction is completed.

tcoin wallets: exchange rate applies at the time the transaction is completed.
How secure is the Pademobile account?
The Pademobile account is highly secure. We are committed to protecting the information of our users. We have three security features: your mobile phone , a secret PIN and a numerical passcode you receive via an SMS and that is only valid for 5 minutes. We have an anti-fraud model and operate with encrypted codes.
How do I change or reset my PIN?
To reset you PIN:
- Go to www.pademobile.com
- Click Sign In
- Click Forgot Your Password
- Enter your mobile phone number to receive a new PIN via SMS.

To change you PIN:
- Log in to your account.
- Click My Account.
- Click User Profile.
- Under Change PIN, enter your new PIN
- Click Save.
What if I loose my cell phone?
Your Pademobile account is PIN protected thus restricting access. Additionally, your Pademobile account is cancelled when the mobile phone number is cancelled.
What happens to my Pademobile account balance if I change mobile phone number?
The balance may be transferred to your new mobile phone number. You must submit a request to Pademobile Customer Service. Once your account is validated, the balance transfer will be completed.
My account has been blocked:
Please contact Pademobile customer service
Where can I reload my Pademobile account?
* coming soon
Is there any applicable fees for making purchases with my Pademobile account?
There are no fees when making purchases online or at a brick-and-mortar retailer with your Pademobile account.
My utilities payment has not posted to my Pademobie account.
The payment amount is posted within 24 hours of completing the transaction. You must contact the utilities provider and supply them with the payment authorization number that we sent to you.
What are the fees for sending or receiving money?
Currently there are no charges for sending money
What is the purpose of account certification?
Certifying your account allows the ability to use your wallets to have access to any of the services offered by Pademobile.
How do I certify my new Pademobile account?
Users have two options to certify their accounts:
- Via Web: Log in to www.pademobile.com / Click on “Certify your account!” located on the bottom left side of the page.
- Via Exchange Messenger: Go to Settings / Click on “Certify your account!”
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