Send and receive money
Mobile top up

Send money with a text!

You only need the 10 digit telephone number of the receiver.
Anywhere in the US
It doesn't matter if you live in Chicago or LA, your remittance is in real time.
Any cellphone model
Your account works with any kind of cellphone. You only need text messages.
Your balance is safe in your Pademobile account, no one can access it.
If you send

Send $10 the fee is $0
Free for the receiver
no more excuses!
I love Pademobile. Its best feature is that I can send money to my wife when I am at a remote location, and she receives it immediately.
Guillermo González. Agricultor, México
How to
Receive money in the US
simple, fast and safe
With any kind of cellphone.
The transaction is in real time.
No need of a bank account.
With your Pademobile balance you can do a mobile top up.
Receiving money is completely free.
You can purchasewith your account.
The sender only needs your cellphone number.
You can register the moment you receive money.

Shopping is simpler

Shop at a store
You can purchase any product at our affiliate businesses. With no extra charges!
It is simple! Give your cell phone number at the register, you will receive a text with a password, when you give it your purchase is done.
Where to shop
Shop online
You don't need to give your bank information or to make a deposit. Pay with your cell without extra charges!
Choose Pademobile as a payment method, indicate the 10 digits of your number, followed by the password that you will receive in a text and it is done.
Where to shop online

Top up a cell phone in Mexico

From Bills
If you have a iPhone you can download Pademobile Bills from the App Store. You will only need to have Pademobile balance and you could top up any cell phone in Mexico.
Iusacell and Unefon
From your online account
In your account at you are able to top up a cell phone. Without extra charges!
How to

Pay Mexican bills or purchase prepaid products with Pademobile

At your online account
Download at the iTunes Store