Android InApp Integration



This document includes the information that shows how to integrate the Pademobile InApp Payment library, to develop Android applications as the library itself.

InApp Payment Library

The InApp payment library is formed by 1 .aar file, that must be added to the project, and 3 external dependencies.


To integrate the InApp library appropriately you need to use the system Gradle. This system is used by default in the projects created by the Android Studio IDE

1.- In your build.gradle file you need to add this lines
2.- Add a new module that will reference the .aar file, to do this you do the following:

Menu File -> Project Structure -> Add New Module -> Import .jar or .aar package -> (search the provided .aar file of the library and select it) -> finish

After creating the module, inside the same Project Structure window, select the project who's build.gradle file was modified in the step 1, then select the dependencies tab and add the library module created in this step as a dependency

3.- Modify your application Manifest.xml adding this lines:

Implementation information

To implement correctly the library you need to do the following this steps:

When ever you want to launch the activity add this lines:


item_price : the quantity you will charge the user

currency : the currency using the ISO 4217, for example MXN, USD, EUR

user_country : the seller's country using the ISO 3166, for example MX, USA, ESP

user_id : the identifier of the seller

user_private_key : the private key given by Pademobile to the seller

To get the result of a successful transaction, in the same activity you used to launch the library, add this lines:


Android Studio -

Gradle -


PademobileAndroidInApp-v0.9.11-14.aar - Library for Android devices.