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Top Up your balance
At banks and online.
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Send money
With a text message to any cell phone.
How to send
Make a purchase
At stores and online.
How to buy
Send mobile gifts
To Mexico and to the USA
How to Send

Free Registration!

Send a text
with SIGN UP to 16508251300
You will receive a text
with a secret PIN
There are no extra fees
You can also
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Register online. It is simple, quick and easy.
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Top Up your Pademobile

Top up your account
at our bank accounts
CITIBANK: account 204084081, routing number 321171184, with your phone as reference
Link your cards
online register
Select origenes de fondos at your online account.
Log in your card information.
Locate your nearest bank
Top Up

Send money anywhere in Spain

Send a text to 5335510519
with SEND amount telephone subject
You will receive a
text with a code
Sign the transaction
send a text withSIGN code to 5335510519
The person receiving the money
will get a text message
The cost to send money is $0
You can also
Send money from your online account. Just login the person's cell phone number and select how you want to pay it.

Pay with your cell phone

At a store
Let the cashier know
you'll pay with Pademobile
Indicate your
cell phone number
You'll receive a text with
a code, indicate it
Choose Pademobile as
payment method
Log in
your phone's 10 digits
Log in the code
you'll receive by text
Buy with Pademobile not generate commissions

Send mobile gifts

To Mexico
Send money to any cell phone in México. Send a text to 5335510519 SEND amount telephone subject
The person will receive a text message with your mobile gift.
With this amount they will be able to purchase at stores and online.
They will also be able to top up their cell phones.
The amount sent
can not be cashed.
To Spain
The person receiving the gift will only be able to purchase products and services available in Spain.
Check the sending costs